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Tank Activities A.E.F. 1918

Public Domain Stock Footage Tank Activities A.E.F. 1918

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keywords: world war i, wwi, france, a.e.f. expeditionary forces, tank warfare, british mk tank, french renault ft-17 tank

Synopsis: Unedited footage of tanks and tank warfare in World War One. Shows WWI tank-infantry maneuvers of the A.E.F American Expeditionary Forces in France in 1918. Footage of French tanks and British Mark IV tanks in World War I...(read more)

  • Date: 1918
  • Duration: 00:28:13
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: France

Tank Activities AEF 1918

Tank Activities A.E.F. 1918 Reel-1

Shot List:


LS Panning view of tank-infantry maneuvers by the American Expeditionary Forces AEF in France in 1918. Tanks of the American 328th Tank Battalion and Infantry advance across a field, smoke rises from shell bursts. Infantry advancing, dropping to prone position on ground to escape shell bursts, then up and rushing forward. Shows large group of soldiers watching maneuvers.


Head-on shot of approaching Renault FT Tank, advancing with infantry soldiers in BG. CU shot of advancing WWI Renault FT tank. Tank climbs steep slope. Group of soldiers watch as tank climbs steep slope. Soldier rushes and takes firing position, tanks makes u-turn. Large number of soldiers advancing carrying rifles with fixed bayonets.


U.S. 26th Infantry troops gather around tanks for tank instructions. Soldiers watch as a British Mk tank has difficulty climbing out of pit note the guns in sponsons on sides of tank. French FT tank in BG. Tank approaches basement remains of a destroyed building and drives down into it and up out of the destroyed building basement as soldiers of the A.E.F. watch. One soldier salutes tank.


In the Picardy Sector of France, a French Schneider Char d’Assault (French Schneider tank) passes in front of U.S. soldiers of the 28thy Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. Head-on shot of French Schneider CA-1 Tank. Doughboys of the 28th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 1st Division rehearse battle drills with the French 5th Tank Battalion of Schneider CA-1 tanks prior to the battle for Cantigny on May 28, 1918. Soldiers of the U.S 28th Infantry Regiment train with the French 5th Tank Battalion. French Schneider CA-1 tank crashes through French hedgerow.

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Tank Activities A.E.F. 1918 Reel-2

Shot List:


Shows soldiers of the 326th and 327th Tank Battalions at the A.E.F. American Expeditionary Forces Light Tank School at Bourg, France. Mock training tanks made of plywood complete with turret armed with a Hotchkiss 8mm machine gun. The plywood training tank was mounted on a rocking device used to simulate movement over rough terrain while the trainee fired at a fixed target. Soldier rocking the training tank device while trainee fired the machine gun. Brief image of tanks and men of the A.E.F. Tank Corps.


CU of French Renault FT Tank supplied to the newly formed A.E.F. Tank Corps by the French. Rotation of tank turret and maneuverability of the Renault FT Tank. Shows a two-man crew of the Renault FT Tank. Renault FT tank moving into and climbing out of deep pit, five soldiers illustrate the depth and length of the pit. The French Renault FT WWI tanks demonstrate ability to advance over rough terrain. CU of three A.E.F Tank Corps Officers with Renault FT Tank in BG. Renault FT tank crashing through French hedgerow. Tank crews practice quickly climbing into tanks and quickly exiting tanks.


A tank unit presents a minstrel show or minstrelsy in France in WWI. The show consist of comic skits, variety acts, dancing and music.

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Tank Activities A.E.F. 1918 Reel-3

Shot List:


French Renault FT tanks of the U.S. Army Tank Corp in France in WWI. Renault FT tanks with American crews advance. Tank pulling a sled loaded wit supplies. Shot of advancing Renault FT tanks along road past damaged large French country home. Tank communication runner walking along side of tank. Column of tanks along side of road waiting for orders. Various shots of American Doughboys of WWI. CU of rapid advance of tanks followed by motor vehicles of that era.


LS of British Mark IV tanks crossing barbed wire, large white phosphorus explosion in FG blocks out scene of tanks. British Mark IV tank advancing through white phosphorus smoke on the WWI battlefield. Head-on shot of British tank advancing, two more British tanks in far BG. British Mark IV tank crossing roadside berm, solders taking cover behind berm lower left frame. CU of the British Mark VI tank or Landship. British Mark IV tank advancing, infantry troops laying prone on ground. LS of tanks firing, rubble of building in FG.


Renault FT tank climbs out of deep pit in reverse as three soldiers watch. Soldier holding helmet in hand standing beside a tank, rubble of a destroyed building in the back ground. CU of British Mark IV tank advancing, barbed wire in FG. Two tanks advance toward camera followed by infantry, damaged buildings in far BG. Renault FT tank moves toward camera, rubble of building in BG. CU head-on shot of Renault FT tank climbing out of ditch.


Head-on shot of French Saint-Chamond French heavy tank, side view as French Saint-Chamond French tank turns, soldiers in FG. CU of Renault FT tank crewman standing in hatch showing a shell. British Officers and Mark IV tank crew poses at side of British Mark IV tank. CU of British Officers at side of tank. Panning shot of disabled Renault FT tanks being repaired. Tanks are loaded onto flatcars. Disabled French Saint-Chamond French tank. Long row of disabled tanks, junk pile of tanks.


Large disabled German tank, Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, with Mephisto painted on front. Mephisto, the devil who an alchemsit named Faust sold his soul to hoping to gain knowledge and power.


Various scenes of destroyed tanks. Footage of British gas bombs. Group of WWI soldiers around and on top of Renault FT tank. Smiling Y.M.C.A. woman Canteen worker driving a Renault FT tank.

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