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World War I Actions Reel 2 In HD

Public Domain Stock Footage World War I Actions Reel 2 In HD

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keywords: wwi, france, fixed bayonets, german machine gun fire, trench warfare, german red cross, german mobile field kitchen, artillery barrage

Synopsis: Scenes of World War I with shots of British soldiers charging across no man's land with fixed bayonets, explosions from artillery fire, German machine gun firing, German Red Cross personnel and more...(read more)

  • Date: 1916
  • Duration: 00:10:00
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: France, Belgium

World War I Actions: Reel 2 In HD

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World War I Actions: Reel 2 In HD

Footage of World War 1 Actions, the great war that swept the world in 1914-1918. Some scenes may be from the film Battle of The Somme.

Shot List:


British soldiers, with fixed bayonets, charge across no man's land in France in 1916. British soldiers are “cut down” by German fire machine gun from a fortified position. Views of the German machine gunners inside their position. Advancing British troops fall to the machine gun fire. German troops firing rifles at the British troops from sandbagged bunker. CU views of German machine gun crew firing.


Scenes of German troops climbing over the bodies of fallen British troops to regain their trenches at Gommecourt.


France 1916. Explosions from artillery fire, columns of smoke rise. British and French soldiers run across battlefield towards Montauban-de-Picardie. Brief image of German troops in trench. German machine gun firing from fortified position. German troops retreating from trenches, turning, and firing back at advancing British and French troops. British troops entering German trenches and chasing retreating German troops in the trenches. German troops fleeing. British troops using horses to reposition and move field artillery pieces.


Map shows area of the Battle of the Somme and points to the region of Montaubon seized by the British 30th Division on July 1, 1916. They are seen entering former German trenches and resting. German troops counterattack behind German artillery barrage. Germans coming out of trenches and charging across the battlefield to engage entrenched British infantry. CU of British firing Lewis machine gun.


France 1915. Friends and relatives jam a railroad station platform,as they wave goodbye to Austro-Hungarian troops departing on a troop train for the Italian front during World War 1. Officers, dignitaries, including several women, and a military band, give the troops a sendoff. The last cars of the train carry war equipment and supplies.


Germany 1916. German Red Cross personnel march with gear and a Red Cross dog (war dog) in WWI.


Horses of a German commissary division pull large soup wagons patterned after those used by the Barnum and Bailey traveling Circus. They also pull cooking equipment and supplies.


A German manufacturing plant where 3000 of the soup wagons are being readied for shipment to the front. Several wagons are seen loaded on a railroad flat car.


German soldiers at the front gather around a field kitchen and get soup from one of the wagons.


Germany 1916. German infantrymen march towards the front during WW1 followed by horse drawn wagons loaded with supplies. Shows a line of German soldiers with wagons on road leading to the front lines.


Invasion of Belgium by Germany August 1914 in WWI. German troops enter a Belgian port city on motorized vehicles and wagons during WWI.


German infantry march into a Belgian city behind a military marching band.


German artillery pieces move into a Belgian city.


Belgian civilians become refugees as they flee the city after invasion by Germany. People carrying their belongings as they move away in wagons and on foot.


British, French and Belgian forces consolidate to confront German forces in WWI. Artillery shells explode on a field and columns of smoke rise. British, French and Belgian soldiers emerge from a forest and charge across a field towards German positions. Artillery shells explode and billows of smoke rise up.


Belgium 1914. During World War I, Belgian forces defend against German invaders at Liege, Antwerp, Mons, Malines, Meuse, and Marne. Artillery shells exploding on battlefield. Belgian soldiers fight against the Germans in an open field, devoid of trenches or fortifications. Artillery fire being exchanged. View of a heavy mortar. Troops moving cautiously into an open area, with city in background. A cathedral is visible in the distant background. Heavy German artillery barrages create large craters. German troops run across a field. Exploding shells resulting in fire and smoke. The German soldiers crawl across a field, pushing soft filled sacks in front of them to absorb incoming fire.