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Vietnam 1969 - Dustoff Medical Helicopters

Public Domain Stock Footage Vietnam 1969 - Dustoff Medical Helicopters

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keywords: vietnam war, 82nd medical detachment, dust-off, medvac, air ambulance, air medics, uh-1d huey helicopter, arvn soldiers

Synopsis: Unedited footage of the 82nd Medical Detachment in action during the Vietnam War flying the UH-1D helicopters as they perform their dust-off medevac missions of transporting wounded soldiers and civilians to mobile hospitals while continuing medical treatment in flight to keep them stabilized...(read more)

  • Date: 1969
  • Duration: 00:27:26
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Vietnam

Vietnam 1969 - Dustoff Medical Helicopters

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Vietnam 1969 Dust-Off Medical Helicopters

RV, pilot at controls of UH-1D Huey medical helicopter in flight. Badly wounded ARVNs on litters are loaded aboard the copter. Medic puts intravenous into wounded ARVN'S leg aboard copter in flight. Crew chief helps medic with the wounded. Another wounded ARVN is loaded into the copter. Pilot at controls of helicopter in flight. Seriously wounded Vietnamese soldier is treated in flight; given intravenous solution. Medic treat wounded in flight. Wounded are removed from Dust off helicopter.


RV, pilot and copilot. CU of Dustoff helicopter pilot. Medic cleans blood from his hands. Wounded ARVN soldiers on stretchers are loaded into helicopter. Several dead soldiers in body bags are loaded into UH-1D helicopter. CU of Charles Colley of the 82nd Medical Detachment (Hel Amb); name printed on helmet. Dead soldiers in body bags and wounded ARVN soldiers are unloaded from the copter. More scenes of ARVN wounded being loaded into copter and treated in flight.


CU, insignia of Dust Off, 82nd Med. Det. (HA) painted on side (door) of helicopter; nose art on helicopter. Soldier putting wheels on UH-1D. Four-man crew walking to helicopter. Four-man crew walking to helicopter. Pilot puts on helmet and flak jacket. Pilot and copilot check map. Blades of copter start to rotate, dust off helicopter takes off. UH-1D dust off helicopter lands in revetment.


Air-to-air, medical copter in flight. American soldier throws signal grenade and directs copter to landing in field. CU of dust off helicopter taking off. Civilian ambulance on field. Injured civilian is carried from ambulance and placed in helicopter. Civilian is treated by medic in flight. Wounded ARVN soldier is placed on stretcher and loaded into helicopter. Additional scenes of wounded ARVNs and civilians being loaded and unloaded from the medical copter.


Downed AH-1G copter in field. Soldiers removing weapons from the downed AH-1G. Wounded Vietnamese soldier is loaded into copter. Soldier refueling UH-1D medical copter at sunset.

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